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EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Innovation Park
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ADC Biotherapeutic
ADC Biotherapeutic

SwissLumix provides reagents and services for in vitro and in vivo optical imaging applications. Our reagents enable extremely sensitive imaging and quantification of a broad range of biological processes and molecular pathways in the areas of oncology, nutrient metabolism and infectious diseases.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Reagents for in vivo imaging of cellular internalization of proteins including antibodies
  • Fluorescently labelled targeted imaging agents
  • Luciferase labelled mammalian cell lines and bacterial strains for in vivo applications

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Shining Light on Biology


  • Protein Internalization Detection Kits
  • Luciferase Labelled Cell Lines
  • Fluorescent Imaging Agents


  • Prescreening of Candidate Antibodies
  • Stable Cell Line Development
  • Custom Lentiviral Packaging

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